We are used to receiving many health and safety related questions. If you have any that are not covered or would like to know where your business stands on an issue, feel free to contact us. 


Red tape - what exactly is required by law?

• Legal compliance - what are the requirements applicable to my business? To a particular project?

• What does it all mean to me?

• Litigation, including civil action – what are the risks and what can I do to reduce these?

• High insurance premiums – can these be reduced?

• Keeping up with legislation? I simply don’t have the time or expertise.

• Previous Health & Safety implementation failed or stalled.

• How can I get the best from my limited safety budget?

We can advise you in all the above matters, independently and without bias.

We are generally perceived as the prevention, not the cure.

We have the necessary expertise to ensure that you are legally compliant and promoting best practice.

We can help you to ensure that future implementation is prioritised, planned, cost-effective and relevant to your business.