Risk Assessments

We carry out all types of risk assessments for companies and projects of all sizes and encompassing many diverse industries, offering independent expertise and advice.

In short, whatever the risks, we can help you to reduce them to a minimum.

Heatherwood Risk Management can assist you by implementing the following:

a. avoiding risks;

b. evaluating the risks which cannot be avoided;

c. combating the risks at source;

d. adapting to technical progress;

e. replacing the dangerous with the non-dangerous or less dangerous;

f. developing a coherent overall prevention policy which covers technology, organisation of work and the influence of numerous factors relating to the work environment;

g. giving collective protective measures priority over individual measures; and

h. giving appropriate training and/or instructions to employees.

By bringing their independent expertise to a project, Heatherwood Risk Management will help designers to ensure that project risks are identified and considered from inception of the project, through the planning, pre-design and design stages, through the lifetime of the project and finally through decommissioning and demolition.